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The sale or purchase of any piece of real estate is a major undertaking. The surest way to preserve your rights and protect your finances is to work closely with a knowledgeable real estate lawyer. Your lawyer can develop appropriate strategies to overcome any obstacles while helping you consummate your transaction.

My law firm represents buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. Most of my firm’s real estate practice involves helping clients buy or sell houses, co-ops and condominiums. Recently I added a real estate consultant to my practice (which costs sellers nothing), but helps ensure they get the highest price and lowest commission.

Put A Realtor And An Attorney On Your Side

In addition to having practiced law since 1981, I am also a licensed realtor (“Broker of the Year 2005”). Consequently, I understand these transactions from multiple perspectives. This offers tangible benefits to my clients. I will be at your side from the beginning of the transaction until its completion, attending to all details such as:

  • Reviewing or drafting and negotiating terms for the contract of sale
  • Reviewing minutes of the board of directors; reviewing surveys
  • Reviewing the title report
  • Attending the closing

New York’s laws on these topics are quite complex. It is important to have a lawyer on your side. Having handled more than 2,000 closings over my career, I am well-situated to protect your rights.

As an experienced estate planning attorney, I can also help you plan for the transfer of your real estate to your beneficiaries in your estate plan.

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